Expert interview with Prof. Dr. Hubert Lakner of Fraunhofer Insitute

The chip shortage has presented many sectors with great challenges for over a year.

What was seen as a short-term scarcity in the beginning, is now uncovering shortcomings in supply chains that business and politicians will have to deal with medium- and long-term. The pandemic was the trigger, natural disasters came on top, and the war in Ukraine has made the situation even worse. In addition, dependency on raw materials and suppliers in certain regions of the world is turning this scarcity into a problem that will last longer and will repeatedly recur in the future.

Professor Dr. Hubert Lakner, who is the Professor of Optoelectronic Components and Systems at the TU Dresden and Head of the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems (IPMS), descriptively presents short-, medium- and long-term actions in our interview.